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DL S800 LCD Tester Screen Tester Machine For iPhone Samsung Huawei Oppo Vivo Xiaomi

DL S800 LCD Tester Screen Tester Machine For iPhone Samsung Huawei Oppo Vivo Xiaomi

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DLS800 Pro LCD screen tester for iPhone 6-14 Plus, iWatch, Samsung, Huawei, Vivo, Xiaomi, Oppo Display LCD 3D/touch test, screen true tone repair, ect. DL400 Pro screen tester programmer test display/touch/3D, test current and voltage, original color recovery(true tone repair). iTestBox DL S300 Screen Tester has been discontinued.

Product introduction:
1. Highlight product features.
Accurate and comprehensive test, small and beautiful appearance,the professional and stable system, friendly user experience, lasting battery, convenient system software update professional after-sales.
2. Product main functions.
For iPhone/iWatch/Samsung/Huawei/Vivo/Xiaomi/Oppo Display LCD 3D/touch test, screen true tone repair, ect.
3. 22pcs test flex cables for iPhone 6-14 Plus(not including iPhone 13 Pro/13 Pro Max/14 Pro/14 Pro Max).

Note: iPhone 12-13mini True Tone flex cables and Apple Watch flex cables need to be selected separately, they are not included in the iPhone flex(22pcs) package.

At present, the iPhone 12/13/14 series are only supported the reading function.
1. For iPhone 12 and later models, please make sure the iPhone original screen has true tone functions.
2. Read the iPhone origianl screen code with DL400PRO tester.
3. After the data is read successfully, write data to the new screen.


Show multiple photos(system pre-installed common photos and user loaded four photos) for accurate and comprehensive display tests, the user can configure the photos easily.

Two touch test modes: simple touch and touch track show, user configs background 3D Touch function test, support displays which have 3D Touch.

Display brightness adjustment.

the user adjusts the display brightness using keys.

Show current of the tested display on the small screen, show the power consumption
Support test TP separately, the track is shown on the small screen of the TestBox.
Recover functions of the original color show and display brightness adjustment according to environment lightness.
Support multiple IOS versions, test the display compatibility using different IOS(Only for iPhone displays).
get the latest software from the official website and update it easily
4700mAh battery and fast charge.

Keys introduction:

Long press for system on or off operation; click for display on or off
operation after boot up
Click for photo paged up and long press for enabling all photos showed
Click for photo paged down and long press for enabling current photo not
showed function
Click for the brightest state
Click for loop switching birghtness;
Touch test state:
click for swithing IOS version,
long press for switching simple mode and touch track mode;
display show test state:
long press to turn on or off low-speed-data-show mode(For 6-8P iPhone
displays only)
Touch test state: click for clearing touch track;
Display off state: long press used to read origin color data from display,
click used to burn origin color data to display
When TestBox is off state, long pressed these two keys together, let
system enter into system update process
When TestBox is connected with a computer, long pressed these two
keys together to let the TestBox showed in the computer as a USB disk
click at the same time, force system shut down; after system shut down
long press ON/OFF key will let system boot up
Long press together to switch test mode

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