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Jc P13 Pcie Nand hard drive programmer

Jc P13 Pcie Nand hard drive programmer

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JC P13 iBox2 iRepair P12 PCIE NAND Programmer for iPhone 8-13 Pro max One Key Purple Screen Hard Disk DFU Read Write Unbind WIFI.

JC P13 Ultimate box Tool: BGA60 /BGA70/ BGA110 PCIE NAND Programmer + purple screen mode tool. iPhone dot projector data recovery. Disassemble Programmer Nand or PCIE read and write Support Boot file read / write. SYSCFG data modification & write, Unbind WIFI, no need restoring device firmware, support to write the SYSCFG data directly. No need internet. without Credits Free use. one Box for support all Model.

P13 Code Query Function Upgraded:
1. supports Factory code (Bluetooth /Wi-Fi Code) query, no hard disk model restriction.
2. Faster, more accurate, simpler, No cloud server required, accuracy is over 99%!
3. Applicable for 8-13PM and iPad (BGA110 hard disk) and other models.

iRepair P12 V1.63 platform update:
1. Upgrade the factory code lookup function of the purple screen (iPhone 8/8P/X), click "Query original factory data" after entering the purple screen.
2. Upgrade Purple Screen Backup Face File - Restore Face by writing the backup file to the Face Writer instrument (X).
3. Upgrade BGA110 to find spot data - restore face by writing backup file to face writing instrument.
4. fixed the purple screen problem of iPad 4.
5. Added support for H23Q1T83G6ADS 128G, H23Q2T84K6AES 256G, TSB4236 512G read, write, and formatting.

P13 supports 12/13 series Repair Formatted Nand
1. Supported models of nand after formatting and repairing: XR,XS,XS Max,11 series,12 series,13 series and ipad models.

2. Supported 12/13 series nand: SDREGJHI4 SDREGJHI8 KIC M224 KIC M225 KIC M227KIC 5223KIC 5224
The other nand is being updated continuously...

Query the SYSCFG data function:
JC P13 programmer can query the SYSCFG data in the version, with automatic algorithm to match of tens of millions of SYSCFG data, Check the iPhone NAND SYSCFG data, original Bluetooth/Wi-Fi code (Note: not 100% accurate).

Query the SYSCFG Data Operation:
1. Connect P13.
2. Click to query iCloud Syscfg.
3. Click to check more backup record.
4. Write or Save SYSCFG.

JC P13 Ultimate box Tool: BGA60 /BGA70/ BGA110 PCIE NAND Programmer + purple screen mode tool.

JC P13 Feature:
PCIE NAND Ultimate Programmer ( 8-13 pro max)
Support full range of ios device's NAND Disk, Bootcode reflash, syscfg repair. wifi unlocketc. More about 33 models include ix ios device are Supported by JC P13 box.

DFU Purple Screen Mode:
iPxd (9.7)
iPxd Pro(12.9)

8/8P/SE2/X/XR/XS/XsMax/11/11Pro/11ProMax/12/12 Pro/12 Pro Max /12 mini/ 13/13 Pro/13 Pro Max /13 mini

Purple screen mode:
Enter to purple-screen Diagnostics Mode just by one key. Restore change.backup write for syscfg(systeam config)without dismantling the hard Disk NAND from motherboard.
BGA60 /BGA70/ BGA110 Read / Write / Format
Boot code reprogram Support SYSCFG data modification & write, Unbind WIFI Brand-new NAND no need restoring device firmware, support to write the SYSCFG data directly

Powerful function All IN One
Purple Screen Mode

Unbind Wi-Fi No need restore -- 1 second finished
Modify nand syscfg of whole series ---Off-line one-key readingand writing
Nand"model unbinding"
Nand universal regardless of model
6-13 Pro Max and iPad are fully supported
Othermodels continue to be upgraded

HD OLED screen:
Display nand model, capacity, current
Intelligent monitoringof operating status
Two modes of operation:Choose what you!
Purple screen function+ Read & Write the nand syscfg ofiPhone/iPad without disassembly
JCID platform automatically upgraded,and more powerfu functionscontinue to beupdated

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