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JCID zxw schematic diagram pin diagram smart drawing

JCID zxw schematic diagram pin diagram smart drawing

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2023 JC Schematic Diagram Bitmap Online Account JCID Intelligent Drawing For iPhone Android Cell Phone Circuit integrated Bitmap

Note :JC Monthly Card can only be used once each user, and need to order 3 months or 1 year card next time.

Features :

1. Add maintenance map + block diagram, any selected content can be matched with the index node bitmap automatically, maintenance ideas appear on the paper.

2. Initiate notes function, notes can be targeted to specific components and net, creating a user specific database.

3. Physical picture. PCB Diagram can be switched manually, users can view the ground resistance value and voltage value of any component.

4.for iPhone model data has been completed,for iPad and Android Models continue to be updated.

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