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BY-T200 T2 Data Assistant Read Backup Tool For MacBook Repair

BY-T200 T2 Data Assistant Read Backup Tool For MacBook Repair

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BY-T200 data assistant for MacBook T2 chip, BY-T200 data assistant is used to read or backup Macbook T2 chip ROM data, and it can modify the serial number of the machine with T2 chip. BY-T200 read backup tool is suitable for MacBook from 2018 to 2020.

BY-T200 T2 Data Assistant For MacBook Read Backup Repair


1. Read or backup T2 chip ROM data
2. Modify the serial number of the machine with T2 chip
3. Easy to use, efficient and fast
4. High-end hardware, master quality
5. Suitable For MacBook with the T2 chips from 2018-2020
5. MacBook Pro 13.3/15.4/16 inches: A1989 A1990 A2159 A2141 A2289 A2251
6. MacBook Air 13.3 inches: A1932 A2179

MacBook motherboard model:

A2251 820-01949
A2289 820-01987
A2141 820-01700
A2159 820-01598
A1990 820-01041
A1989 820-00850
A1932 820-01521
A2179 820-01958


1. Remove SoC ROM chip with Hot Air Gun at 430℃ (Temperature for reference)
2. Attach the chip to the seat of BY-T200, Pin 1 of the chip must align with the red dot on the tool
3. Connect BY-T200 with the computer, install the driver and run the software
4. Click "Read ID" to backup the T2 ROM data
5. Click "Open file" and select the saved T2 ROM file
6. Click "Auto Program" to finish the data writing
7. Unplug BY-T200 and remove the chip
8. Soldering the chip back to the motherboard

Please note:

1. BY-T200 is only applicable to the failure of power on caused by the destruction of T2 chip data, it doesn't include the original T2 chip BIN file.

2. The software and driver is contained in the BY-T200. Once plug in the BY-T200 with the computer, it will find out the driver and software easily.
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