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Clone DZ03 Dot Matrix Repair Instrument For iPhone X-14 Pro Max

Clone DZ03 Dot Matrix Repair Instrument For iPhone X-14 Pro Max

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QianLi MEGA-IDEA Clone DZ03 Programmer For iPhone Face ID Dot Matrix Battery Screen True Tone Repair. Mega-Idea Clone DZ01 Programmer With Non-removal No-soldering Face ID Repair Flex Cable And Qianli Battery Repair Flex Cable For iPhone X-14 Pro Max Repair.


1. Clone DZ03 Standard: DZ03 programmer + dot matrix board + battery board.

2. Clone DZ03 Face Battery Set: Clone DZ03 Standard + 7pcs non-removal dot matrix flex cable(X-12 Pro Max) + 8pcs battery flex cable(11-13 Pro Max).

3. Clone DZ03 Full: Clone DZ03 Standard + iPhone 7-11 Pro Max screen board + iPhone 12-13 mini screen true tone board. Features: Clone-DZ03 programmer, repair face ID as easily as repair accessories, even a piece of cake for new beginners. Simple, as long as you know how to disassemble your phone. No difficulty, beginners can also repair FACE ID. Easy, repair the Id FACE as easily as changing accessories. Support a variety of flex cables with unlimited expansion. Support iPhone X/11/12 series flex cables, and other models will keep updating.


1. Download MEGA-IDEA computer software through "www.QianLi. cn".

2. Plug the MEGA-IDEA Clone-DZ03 programming host into the dot-matrix activation board, connect the computer software "Megalda Assistant", and connect the matching power adapter to the DC interface on the activation board.

3. Connect the mobile phone to the computer, button the dot matrix module on the activation board and click to activate (at the same time, the dot matrix data will be backed up through the unique code of the mobile phone).

4. Remove the dot matrix module, buckle the corresponding type of flat cable, and write it into the bottom layer of flat cable data. 5. The flat cable is connected with the dot matrix module, and then connected to the programmer for testing. The data display is normal, and the face is successfully repaired after being loaded into the mobile phone.

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