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ZXW Online Account Replace Zxw Dongle iPhone iPad Circuit Diagram

ZXW Online Account Replace Zxw Dongle iPhone iPad Circuit Diagram

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ZXW online account phone circuit diagram for repair/diagnose iPhone/iPad/Samsung/xiaomi/huawei logic boards. ZXW online circuit diagram now has 30 days and 1 year to activate. ZXW V3.0 software online account has replaced old ZXW dongle, with blackfish function, mobile phone circuit board easily measured, pads circuit diagram Network.

Please note: once you have completed your order, please contact us via whatsapp/email to activate your account (whatsapp: +86 18823802600, email:

Original Zillion x Work ZXW dongle phone logic boards repairing drawings For iPhone / iPad / Samsung / HTC / LG / Nokia ...

Features :
  1. ZXW team Zillion x Work circuit diagram
  2. Don't need USB dongle, just online Account and Password

Optional Authorization Code period :
  • Option 1: 30days
  • Option 2: One Year 

Online V3.0 ZXWSoft ZXWTEAM software download :

Step: free register online ZXW soft account, then Activate account by Digital Authorization Code and Password

2018 v2.6 ZXWTEAM Dongle has 10 languages, they were English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, Spanish, Hindi, Thai, Arabic, Indonesian and Portuguese, the users can choose different languages according to their needs. more information:

1- Zillion x Work (ZXW) What is the role for repairs?

Motherboard break easily measured, pads Network
Few people have schematics or other drawings, usually a certificate authority, such as encryption, or want to, if you do not have the drawing, you can go to a machine measuring time is too long and is not necessarily correct, it is well done. ZXW is for everyone to solve this artifact, with ZXW move the mouse, a line problem, easy to get

2 - software and data will continue to update?

As long as the maintenance sector also needs ZXW software, ZXW software updates and data updates will always go on. Market with the latest models, we will research the maintenance needs, the fastest time to update to ZXW software.

3 - why some ZXW data and schematics is not the same?

ZXW query software, is the original motherboard engineering documents as the basis, the preparation of production, due to the motherboard in the manufacturing process will continue to improve, there may be minor changes, but the basic principles remain unchanged, please refer engineer discretion.

4 - ZXW DONGLE operating environment:

For security reasons ZXW DONGE requires users to networked computers must be able to use this software to work properly
Each dongle limit registered five times to redo the system does not affect the registration number will not be wasted

5- the newest support for iPad 3 / iPhone 6p 6s / HTC ONE-X&I9300

Package list :
  • 1pcs x ZXW Online Account

Software download link:
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